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Noah & Daniel Discuss… Django Unchained

Well one person on this podcast loved Django Unchained and the other was disappointed by it!  Find out who as you follow along with us!

If you haven’t seen Seven Pounds and still for some reason plan on seeing it, I ruin the ending… but it’s in your best interest.  Also we talk about the different cuts of True Romance. Also the person who loves Django Unchained is me… sorry but this is the warning section.

Noah Large photo 1b8e454c-9e66-4ec4-80bf-1e818944a483_zps5fcb6c83.jpg

Never say I don’t give you anything, except for literally hours of people talking so you don’t feel alone for free; so that you don’t have to search for it, here is the clip where Quentin Tarantino talks to Noah about his favourite Canadian films.  Now watch Quentin talk to Lil Bow Wow about the cross section of fans and critics, and how some of the modern artists made it onto the soundtrack.

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